Bodylastics - compact and effective strength training equipment!..

Congratulations! You have made it to the home of the best strength training equipment on the planet. The product that you see on this page is called Bodylastics and is a complete strength training tool that weighs 1.5 lbs. Even more surprising is that it can effectively work all of the same muscles as the huge machines, but for under $50!

The secret to our design is a unique exercise tubes system that can be easily adjusted to create 15 levels of resistance (tension).

Exercise tubes also known as resistance bands are not just for aerobics classes anymore! Our groundbreaking design will enable you to effectively work all of the same muscles as Bowflex and Soloflex but for 100's and even 1000's less!

Come inside and see who we are. Take a look at what we do. Discover what we offer.  

Men, Women, Children, Elderly, Athletic, what we have was designed for you whether you are professional, just starting, need rehabilitation or want something so you can free up extra space in your home. Our friends in Japan where living spaces are quite limited really love us for that reason!  

I know I personally regret leaving home for business because that means I must actually go to a gym when I travel. I have to look for one, call them for directions, you know the routine.... 

Friends of mine even use Bodylastics strength training equipment to warm themselves up before they go on stage or head out to the playing field. The uses are endless.  Try to stick a Bowflex in your suitcase!

I truly LIVE for your emails!
Blake Kassel
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Bodylastics strength training equipment has been featured in several national publications: Glamour, New Woman, Delta Sky, The New York Post, Woman's World, Jane, Men's Exercise, Prevention, "You Gotta Read This", Essence, Self and Fitness. And many more exclusive articles are on the way!! The Bodylastics fever is catching on! Our testimonials are amazing even us! Isn't it about time that someone looked out for your financial fitness and better interests? Something that actually delivers and something that you can afford is finally here. We are Bodylastics Int'l Inc.

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